03 English Invasion!


Third Edition of Podcasteando, This time, just for you, with four great tracks in english. Don't miss it! From Argentina Macondeath and their song Deepest, Saltamontes with Como Rolan and the amazing Running Potatoes with Brainless, and from Guatemala the genius-children from BlackOut and their song Believe You Me.

Created by Paul Alvarez Loeblich, contact: podcasteando@gmail.com, web: latinartists.blogspot.com


02 Hi, Guys! Some nice Exclusive Tracks here, and now as mp3!


Hi, you'all, here is the second edition of Podcasteando@english. Today we have four great songs: the first one is from the great argentinian group El Horreo (www.elhorreova.com.ar), just afterwards from a super talented Mexican artist, KIK, Disfraz (www.kik-music.com), from my homeland venezuela the rocking guys from Skuadron Metelapata and their song Entuke (don't ask) and to close the show a great exclusive, a song from the Argentinians Running Potatoes' next CD, and nowhere else to be found, Te Equivocas.

To allow compatibility with no-iPod mp3 players and cellphones I'm recording now as mp3, same quality!

Created by Paul Alvarez Loeblich. Contact: quaipau@gmail.com, our Blog: http://p-english.blogspot.com


01 The first real show. Finally! Don't miss it!


Today we have four great latinamerican artists in the show, three bands, the argentinian Saltamontes and the venezuelan Caramelos de Cianuro and Nací Moreno, and the greatest living guitar player, the venezuelan Aldo Lagrutta. Created by Paul Alvarez Loeblich, contact: podcasteando@gmail.com


Podcasteando @ingles